Snowdrops shortlisted for the Man Booker prize

About the Author - A.D. Miller

The author A.D. Miller
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A.D. Miller was born in London in 1974. He studied literature at Cambridge and Princeton, where he began his journalistic career writing travel pieces about America. Returning to London, he worked as a television producer before joining The Economist to write about British politics and culture. In 2004 he became The Economist's correspondent in Moscow, travelling widely across Russia and the former Soviet Union. He is currently the magazine's Writer at Large; he lives in London with his wife Emma, daughter Milly and son Jacob.

Snowdrops is A.D. Miller's first novel. He is also the author of the non-fiction The Earl of Petticoat Lane, a family history about love, friendship, memory, immigration, class, the Blitz and the underwear industry, published by William Heinemann in 2006.

Here are some extracts from reviews of The Earl:

The Earl of Petticoat Lane - young Earl

The Earl of Petticoat Lane - the couple


He sets scenes with the relish and skill of a novelist… That kind of detail makes this book so irresistibly real… It's a testament to the cumulative power of Miller's prose that the final photograph moved me to surprised tears.

Julie Myerson, in the Daily Mail

There are three good reasons to buy and read this book: first, it must be the best-documented account of the class trajectory of British Jewry in the 20th century; second, it throws valuable light on contemporary debates about immigration and asylum... and third, it is a fantastically interesting and well-written story.

Linda Grant, in the New Statesman

Family history of the best sort, the subject matter vastly appealing, the writing intelligent and clear... he takes us, with confidence and humour, through the various worlds of early 20th century London... one feels like a privileged observer in a distant land...At the heart of this memoir looms the extraordinary figure of Miller's grandfather, whom the author presents with a novelist's sensitivity and power.

Susie Boyt, in the Sunday Times

A wry, poignant history of what it was like to be a Jewish immigrant to Britain in the 20th century... The book is full of hilarious insights into East End dodging and diving, doubtless familiar to the millions of new arrivals from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean who have replaced the Jews, or indeed to the "silk-weaving Huguenots and the starving Irish" who came before... Miller has done us an immense service in opening up the world of the successful immigrant, with its aspirations and adaptations, its compromises over religion, its determination to succeed despite often furious prejudice, its delight in achievement... This is the story of our complicated island nation, and it is one of which Britain can be proud.

Edwina Currie, in the Times

This is less a biography of a brilliant, impoverished Jewish immigrant and his quest to take London by storm, than a beautifully crafted and impeccably researched piece of social history...Superb...A magnetic read.

Lucy Powell, in Time Out

Exquisite... Andrew Miller's book is mainly a lovingly detailed, rich description of a remarkable man-but it is also a reflection on Englishness, class and the surprising fluidity of British life, accepting newcomers more readily than we might suppose.

Jonathan Freedland, in the Jewish Chronicle

You can read more about The Earl of Petticoat Lane here, and read an extract from it here.

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